Adequate Savings index

The Adequate Savings Index measures the percentage of the population saving adequately (saving at least 12% of their income or on a defined benefit pension). In this section, we explore how it has changed over time for different demographic segments.

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The Adequate Savings Index has seen once again a record proportion saving adequately for retirement.

It is positive to see that despite the disastrous effects that the pandemic has had on society, retirement preparations have remained so resilient.

Adequate Savings Index conclusion
Proportion saving adequately for retirement by year
2005 55%
2006 46%
2007 49%
2005 55%
2008 51%
2009 54%
2010 48%
2011 51%
2012 46%
2013 45%
2014 53%
2015 56%
2016 56%
2017 56%
2018 55%
2019 59%
2020 60%
2021 61%


Adequate Saving index

Given the disastrous effects that the pandemic has had on society and individuals, it is highly encouraging to see that pension savings have remained resilient. But inequalities in retirement savings remain and a large minority are still not saving enough. Progress was also plateauing before the pandemic as the rollout of automatic enrolment was completed.

New policies are needed to continue to ensure everyone has the opportunity to save enough for their retirement. Further discussion and information can be found in the full version of the 2021 Scottish Widows Retirement Report.

Explore 17 years’ worth of Scottish Widows Retirement Report data.

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